Support the Establishment of a de Vere Research Centre and Library at Concordia University

Concordia University is committed to the establishment of a de Vere Research Centre to house the university's growing de Vere library and to serve as a permanent academic home, equipped with state-of-the-art research tools, for students and scholars who wish to pursue studies focused on Edward de Vere and the Shakespeare Authorship Question.

To house and administer the de Vere Research Centre (an estimated $6 million dollar project), the university plans to construct a $35 million library and create a $1.5 million endowed Chair in Oxfordian Studies. To attain these goals, Concordia University invites your support. To contribute to the library, the de Vere Research Centre and /or to endow the Chair in Oxfordian Studies, contact Concordia University Foundation Director Dr. John Driessner at and Professor Daniel Wright at


3 - 4 Jul. 2004

Shakespeare Authorship Trust

8 - 9 Jul. 2004

1st Dutch Conference on the Authorship Question

8 - 13 Aug. 2004

3rd Institute of Oxfordian Studies Summer Seminar

7 - 10 Oct. 2004

Shakespeare Fellowship Conference

28 - 31 Oct. 2004

Shakespeare Oxford Society Conference