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Shakespeare Identified

by John Thomas Looney; edited by Ruth Loyd Miller

An adaptation, in two volumes, of the book by the English schoolmaster who launched the Oxfordian authorship thesis in 1920. $75.00

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Shakespeare: Who Was He?

by Richard F. Whalen

The best and most concise introduction to the Shakespeare Authorship Question in print. An excellent resource for students new to the controversy. $20.00

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Who Wrote Shakespeare?

by John Michell

An informative and dispassionate survey of all the major and minor candidates for "Shakespeare," including Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, Edward de Vere, Roger Manners, William Shakspere, William Stanley, Edward Dyer and many others. $18.00

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Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography

by Diana Price

A first-rate, scholarly demolition of the legend of William Shakspere of Stratford-Upon-Avon. Price doesn't suggest who Shakespeare was, but she demonstrates, irrefutably, who he was not! $50.00

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Shacksper of Stratford: A Monumental Deception

by Paul M. Plunkett

A succinct exposé of the problems with orthodox arguments for William of Stratford as Shakespeare offered by a former FBI agent and special assistant to the US Attorney General. (This book is currently out of print and out of stock.) $14.00

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The Mysterious William Shakespeare

by Charlton Ogburn, Jr.

The late CO2's magnum opus offers a broad and intelligent explication of the Oxfordian authorship thesis as well as a firm rebuttal of traditionalist assumptions about Shakespeare. $40.00

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Hidden Allusions in Shakespeare's Plays

by Eva Turner Clark

A vast, early 20th-century study that provides evidence for the origin of some of the Shakespeare plays at court during the 1570s. $55.00

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Shakespeare Revealed in Oxford's Letters

By William Plumer Fowler

An extensive examination of Oxford's prose--principally his letters to Lord Burghley--compared with the works of Shakespeare. $50.00

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The de Veres of Castle Hedingham

by Verily Anderson

British writer Verily Anderson's useful history of one of England's most ancient families devotes special attention to the 17th earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere. $30.00

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The Seventeenth Earl of Oxford

by Bernard M. Ward

Ward's 1928 biography was the earliest study of Oxford's life to appear in print. Dated, but yet a valuable resource. (Photocopy edition) $30.00

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Monstrous Adversary

Alan H. Nelson

Professor Nelson's book is a grievously flawed but yet valuable compilation of much (though hardly all) of the record attesting to the life of Edward de Vere. Ignore Nelson's moralizing invective and finger-wagging diatribe. Focus, instead, on the documents and their testimony to the man who may have been the pseudonymous creator of the Shakespeare canon. $32.00

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Alias Shakespeare

by Joseph Sobran

A detailed introduction to the Oxfordian thesis that features Sobran's interpretation of the Sonnets as gay love poetry. (This work is currently out of print and out of stock.) $25.00

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Edward de Vere's Geneva Bible

by Roger Stritmatter

Dr. Stritmatter's revealing study of the annotations and marginalia of Edward de Vere's personal Bible, now in the possession of the Folger Shakespeare Library. $69.00

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The Anglican Shakespeare

by Daniel L. Wright

Professor Wright's demonstration of the Protestant stance of the writer who called himself Shakespeare--a stance that made Shakespeare, through the history plays, an invaluable Reformation apologist and propagandist for the Crown. $20.00

Shakespeare: Co-Author

by Brian Vickers

Professor Brian Vickers' convincing demonstration that the works of Shakespeare are not, in their entirety, the work of a single writer. $30.00

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The Real Shakespeare

by Eric Sams

Iconclast Eric Sams challenges a multitude of conventional assumptions touted by Shakespeare orthodoxy in this re-evaluation of the Stratford man's early years. $19.00

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Shakespeare: The Evidence

by Ian Wilson

A refreshing re-examination of the Shakespeare mystery and the Shakespeare legacy, from a Stratfordian perspective, by a prominent Catholic journalist. $20.00

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Shakespeare's Fingerprints

by Michael Brame and Galina Popova

Professors Brame and Popova's linguistic case for the authorship by Edward de Vere of works extending far beyond the plays and poems conventionally attributed to Shakespeare. $58.00

"Counterfeiting" Shakespeare

by Brian Vickers

Professor Vickers' repudiation of the hollow claims advanced by such professors as Gary Taylor and Donald Foster for the Shakespearean authorship of such non-Shakespearean works as the poems, "Shall I die?" and A Funerall Elegye. $80.00

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Facsimile of the First Folio, 1623

A reproduction of the original edition of Shakespeare's plays that was dedicated (nudge, wink) to Edward de Vere's son-in-law and his brother, published by Jaggard and Blount in 1623. $50.00

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Ovid's Metamorphoses: The Arthur Golding Translation of 1567

edited by John Frederick Nims

Shakespeare's most extensively utilised classical source for his poems and plays--and, perhaps not coincidentally, the version translated by Edward de Vere's maternal uncle--now, after many years, again available in print. $23.00

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Love's Labour's Lost: Critical Essays

edited by Felicia Hardison Londre

The Garland Shakespeare Criticism Series of critical essays on one of Shakespeare's earliest and most challenging comedies. Professor Londre's own essay on the play ("Elizabethan Views of the 'Other'") is one of the best short arguments in print on who its creator had to (as well as could not) have been. $27.00

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A Hundreth Sundrie Flowres

edited by Bernard M. Ward and Ruth Loyd Miller

A potpourri of Elizabethan miscellanies, adapted from the original in 1573, including works that some scholars believe may have been compiled, edited or written by Edward de Vere. $35.00

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Homosexual Desire in Shakespeare's England: A Cultural Poetics

by Bruce R. Smith

Was Shakespeare gay? Many readers of Shakespeare's sonnets, both Stratfordian and Oxfordian, are convinced that he was. In this work, Professor Smith establishes a strong case for reading Shakespeare's Sonnets with an eye toward achieving a better understanding of their passionate expression of a forbidden love. $42.00

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The Virgin Queen

by Christopher Hibbert

Who was Shakespeare's Queen? Was she a keen politician in her own right or the tool of powerful men behind her throne? Was Elizabeth I a chaste sovereign married only to her country, or was the legend of the Virgin Queen just a political pose? Copiously illustrated. $16.00

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An Anatomy of the Marprelate Controversy, 1588-1596

by Elizabeth Appleton

Canadian writer Elizabeth Appleton's argument that the principal adversaries in the Martin Marprelate controversy were Gabriel Harvey and Edward de Vere. Prefaces by Prof. Daniel Wright and Fr. Francis Edwards. $50.00

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The Antichrist's Lewd Hat: Protestants, Papists and Players in Post-Reformation England

by Peter Lake with Michael Questier

A penetrating examination of, amongst other topics, the Elizabethan stage as a powerful arm in the Crown's religio-political propaganda war for the hearts and minds of sixteenth-century Englishmen. $50.00

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Who Killed Kit Marlowe? A Contract to Murder in Elizabethan England

by M. J. Trow

A cogent and compelling argument that the murder of Christopher Marlowe was a carefully planned assassination illustrative of the late sixteenth-century Elizabethan State's fear of a politicised and increasingly ungovernable public theatre. $28.00

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Freeing Shakespeare's Voice

Kristin Linklater

A guide by well-known Oxfordian speech professor, Kristin Linklater, to better command of the Shakespearean voice. $16.00

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Chasing Shakespeares

by Sarah Smith

This page-turning novel leads the reader on a jaunty quest into the mystery of the origins of the works of the writer we know as Shakespeare. $24.00

The Oxfordian (volumes 1-6 [1998-2003])

edited by Stephanie Hopkins Hughes

The peer-reviewed annual journal of scholarly research into the Shakespeare authorship question features contributions by such noted Oxfordians as Dr Sarah Smith, Dr Peter Usher, Dr Daniel Wright, Dr Roger Stritmatter, Dr Charles Berney, Dr Peter Usher, Christopher Paul, Robert Detobel, Andrew Werth, Robert Brazil, Ramon Jimenez, the late James Fitzgerald, and many others. $25.00

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Harper's Magazine (April 1999)

The celebrated issue that presents five defenders of the Stratfordian thesis (Professors Harold Bloom, Marjorie Garber, Jonathan Bate, Gail Kern Paster and Irvin Matus) disputing five advocates of the Oxfordian thesis (Professor Daniel Wright, Richard Whalen, Tom Bethell, Joseph Sobran and Mark Anderson). A collector's item. $8.00

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History Today (August 2001)

Professor William Rubinstein's pioneering reassessment of the Stratford legend in the prominent British history journal. Very difficult to find in the USA. $9.00

US News and World Report (July 24-31, 2000)

US News and World Report's"Mysteries of History" issue features a significant article on the Shakespeare Authorship Question with a glowing assessment of the Oxfordian thesis. $4.00

Renaissance Magazine (Vol. 9, No. 1; 2003)

Jonathan Dixon's fine overview of the Shakespeare Authorship Question and the Oxfordian resolution to that mystery. $6.00

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A Question of Will

by Lynne Kositsky

(Adolescent literature) $6.00

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Blue Avenger Cracks the Code

by Norma Howe

(Adolescent literature) $9.00

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Oxford and Byron

by Stephanie Hopkins Hughes


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Sally Mosher plays William Byrd on the Harpsichord

(CD) Features the Earl of Oxenford's March. $16.00

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Shakespeare / Oxford Calendar

Gerit Quealy's marvelously illustrated calendar for 2004. $20.00

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The Man Who Was Shakespeare

by Charlton Ogburn, Jr.


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The Relevance of Robert Greene to the Oxfordian Thesis

by Stephanie Hopkins Hughes



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U of Tennessee Law School Authorship Debate

12 Jun. 2004

Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable

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Shakespeare Authorship Trust

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1st Dutch Conference on the Authorship Question

8 - 13 Aug. 2004

3rd Institute of Oxfordian Studies Summer Seminar

7 - 10 Oct. 2004

Shakespeare Fellowship Conference

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